Episode #8: Champion Yourself with Annie Tevelin


Joining me today on The Road to Self Love is Annie Tevelin, founder of three businesses focused on giving back to yourself in a real, tangible way: SkinOwl (vegan, non-toxic, mama-safe, cruelty-free skincare line), The Parliament Project dinner series, and the Off the Record Podcast. We talk about skincare, stress, self-care, and showing up authentically.

“It’s never too late to change your life, and the anxiety of changing your life is always worse than the actuality.”

Annie Tevelin

Annie shares the difference between natural vs. synthetic skincare. We talk about stress, stamina, and prioritizing what’s important to you as factors of self-care beyond skincare—especially as applies to your relationship with your phone.

“Self love is giving yourself the permission to wade through your own feelings about yourself and end up in a place of forgiveness and championing yourself.”

Annie Tevelin

Annie shares what she learned from deciding to change her life through her divorce and entering a new relationship and how she meets her self-care needs in a committed relationship. Because self love is important even if you’re in love with someone else!

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