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With my birthday right around the corner I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year and also put myself on blast for the upcoming 31st year of my life.

First things first. Where would I be with out my #FISHMANFIT fam? Well, that’s a great question. Let’s recap the good ol’ THREE ZERO.

  1. I started teaching at SPARKCYCLE just a month before my 30th birthday
  2. I managed to make it as an entrepreneur and family business man with Ground 2 Table
  3. I was on TV
  4. I pushed myself to new fitness levels when I went from teaching 3 classes a week to 11!
  5. I went (almost) Vegan
  6. I started my Personal Training Certification (taking new clients early 2016!)
  7. I moved to La Jolla with the man of my dreams
  8. I built a successful new brand #FISHMANFIT
  9. I mastered the black bean brownie
  10. I was voted #2 FITNESS TRAINER in La Jolla!


Why? Well, because I wanted to show you that I could do it and also because along with Sparkcycle I’m hosting a pretty amazing UNCENSORED birthday ride on Friday October 16th (2015) at 5:45PM with an equally awesome party to follow.

Now, I definitely am not where I want to be with my #FISHMANFITness and I still have some goals to hit #SIXPACKonFLEEK. You’re probably wondering what my goals are and with very little intent of making a joke about my naked photoshoot I’m going to simply say “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!”

Let’s make some goals together and let’s break some goals together. Since it’s (almost) officially a new #FISHMANFIT year I’m all about holding each other accountable. Here are my goals for #FISHMANFIT31:

  1. Incorporate more plant based protein into my diet
  2. Take more naps (no seriously)
  3. Become a certified holistic health coach
  4. #SIXPACKonFLEEK (don’t worry, I had to google what “on fleek” meant too)
  5. Help more people honor their truest self via #FISHMANFIT personal training
  6. Educate more people about the benefits of ESSENTIAL OILS
  7. Get on TV again
  8. Sing more…outside of class 😉 (I used to be a member of the SDGMC, you know!)
  9. Travel outside the US at least once

So as I head into another 365 as a stronger and healthier human being I want you to feel comfortable taking this journey with me. Let’s connect on social media (links in the footer of this site) and tag your goals with #FISHMANFIT as you make them and inevitably BREAK THEM! Oh and you can also leave them in the comments below!



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