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Three Ways to Hack your Juice Cleanse


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Do you remember that time I did a five day Suja Juice fresh start and totally lost my cool? If not, well you’re in luck because I’m about to relive every juicy (puns, baby) detail right now. Not only that but I’m going to give you three ways you can make any juice cleanse work aka not go crazy.



The first thing you need to know about elimination moments (we don’t really love the word diet around here) is that more often than not they’re going to bring on some sort of detox. Now, a detox is basically when your body has the ability to purge toxins and let me tell you. It is never cute. Ever.

I don’t mean to scare you, I just want you to be aware of something that happens to most of us during a juice cleanse or elimination moment. You’ve heard of things like the keto flu and the sugar cravings that happen on those types of lifestyle changes and this basically is the same thing.

One minute I was happy go lucky, the next I was crying and freaking out. I was so cold and it was literally like 80 degrees outside. The struggle was real people, really really real. Oh and Richard casually told me that the next time I was going to do this he was going to get a hotel because he couldn’t deal! At least he snagged a photo of me posing like the crazed juicer I am!

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Ok, on to my three tips on how to hack your juice cleanse. Are you ready?

Number One: Plan to do your cleanse when you don’t have a lot on the calendar.

Imagine if I freaked out at a meeting, had a meltdown while teaching spin, or even worse, while vlogging? Wait, that last one happened. Make space for your cleanse and consider even taking some time off work for a cute Staycation moment.

Number Two: Eat if you have to eat

Seriously, no one will judge you if you have some solid food. Now, I’m not talking digging into a burger if the struggle is real, I’m talking about a banana or even some quinoa. Here is the caveat though, you must must must listen to your body with this one. No need to overindulge, just take a couple of bites then sit with your body. Notice how you feel. Sit with your body and focus on your breath.

Number Three: Journal. Journal. Journal!

Here’s the deal with this one. I had some major breakthrough moments during my fresh start and if I wasn’t writing anything down I definitely would have forgotten some of those moments. Also, I was just introduced to this amazing journal that I I’m really loving that I’d 100% recommend to anyone who is new to that pen to paper life!

Ok, last thing. Have you done a cleanse before? What are your hacks? I know you have them, and I want them! Leave a comment and let a brother know what’s up!


This post is in collaboration with Suja Juice, but don’t get it twisted because all opinions are my own.




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