How to Practice Self Love When You’re in Hustle Mode


First of all, welcome back to me! I’ve been deep in hustle mode and have totally neglected this space. I’m curious though, have you joined my Book Club yet? We’re coming up on the end of the month and I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a discussion about our first book. Meanwhile, I’m writing this from a plane flying back to San Diego from NYC where I lead a magical Self Love Workshop and had some VERY EXCITING MEETINGS.

photo of paul fishman in a patterned shirt laughing in the streets of New York City Now, if you’re new here it’s been a second since I’ve posted and I’m thrilled to be back at this blogging thing. I have to share that I had a casual breakdown about a month ago when my hard drive crashed and I lost a lot of content I had created. I have also been struggling with emotional and (self prescribed) adrenal fatigue due to the amount of hustle that’s been happening. Not only was I creating a weekly YouTube series, leading workshops and speaking at events, appearing on podcasts, developing my Self Love Coaching program, raising a puppy and a husband (haha) but I was teaching spin and pilates and personal training. I think I was just holding my breath while writing all of those things. Holy shit that is a lot of stuff.

Ok, so guess what. I had a literal crying on the floor, snot everywhere (thanks for licking it all off Hatcher) can barely breathe meltdown around a month ago. It was… EVERYTHING. Wait, what? Yes, it was everything. Have you ever just needed to cry? Ladies, I know your hands are up. Gentlemen, uncross your arms and keep reading. I’m over here spewing my truth and sharing that when I gave my emotions the permission they needed to just FLOW I was able to create even more FLOW in my hustle.

Let’s talk about what went down before the meltdown. You know, how I ended up on the floor. Well, I was fighting hard for my business. I was fighting so hard to keep up with all the things and then BOOM I couldn’t do anything. It was as if my hustle had turned into a hassle and the hassle was something I just had to avoid. It was exhausting and I was literally only teaching spin and pilates. Everything else just stopped and came to a halt with no explanation. I just couldn’t get myself to do anything.

Then, I naturally started telling myself all the stories about being a failure. My mind started creating some really phenomenal novel type shit about how I was never going to be able to break out of the funk. I had done permanent damage! I was weak, no one would trust me to help heal them. I WAS CANCELLED. Not to be renewed for another season. OVER. Woof. Has that ever happened to you? Your mind literally just runs with the story, creates a best selling fictional story that gets made into a reality TV show that conveniently ends up not doing well because it’s just so damn depressing? No? Just me? Great. Perfect. Glad I’m alone in that one… you can’t be serious right? What stories have you told yourself lately? You are literally doing the best you can right now. THE BEST.

And that’s what I had to tell myself. I had to pick myself up off the floor, drag myself to the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and tell myself that I was doing my best. Oooooh, if you haven’t looked in the mirror and been your number one cheerleader fan then you have not lived! I’ll wait for you to go try in right now. Seriously, it’s time.

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photo of Paul Fishman standing in the street in New York City in a brown sweater holding a black bag over his shoulderWelcome back friend, I’m super proud of you for taking that moment to get uncomfortable in front of the mirror. It’s crazy hard work but man of man does it help get the hustle back. I mean, seriously, what would it feel like to just give yourself permission to do your best? Not the best that your parents want, not the best that your significant other wants, not the best that your boss wants… your best! What does that look like you ask? Well, you tell me? When is the last time you can say that you gave your all to a project, workout, dream and did not need any external validation? I’ll rephrase that. When was the last time you didn’t give a FUCK about what anyone else thought of your hustle because you knew that you were doing your damndest?

That’s your answer, fam. When you’re in the thick of your hustle and it feels like a hassle. When you’re feeling broke down, alone, crying on the floor, don’t know how you’re going to make it through. Give yourself the permission to celebrate where you are. Have a dance party. Drag yourself to the mirror and practice our mantra. You are so strong, full of good intentions and the truth of the matter is the second you realize that is the second your hustle will never be a hassle again.


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    “Casual breakdown”…
    Who hasn’t been there? Great message Paul. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Paul Fishman COMMENTED ON

      Casual breakdowns are the bestestestest!

  • Jennifer COMMENTED ON

    Holy crap! Literally going through all these emotions! Woooooow thank you! I needed this so bad!

    • Paul Fishman COMMENTED ON

      Jennifer! I am so glad that this resonated with you. I’m curious, what kind of things are you doing to manage the stressful moments?


    Needed this so much! Glad I found your blog!!! Thanks for being you and doing what you are doing!

  • X