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The Mirror Mantra

Self Love Mirror Mantra

What if I told you that there was something that you could do that would immediately change your life? Like immediately! Would you believe me? Would you actually do it?

Drum roll please! I’d like to introduce you to mirror work. A powerful tool that can and will change your life if you actually commit to doing it. Let’s talk about what it looks like to make magic happen by looking at yourself in the mirror.

Here are three steps to making it happen:

Step One: Choose a mantra that makes you feel good. Start with something as simple as “I love you”

Step Two: Write it on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, print it out on a piece of paper or drop it on a post it note. It just needs to live on your bathroom mirror!

Step Three: When you wake up in the morning read the words out loud to yourself while looking in the mirror

Now, you know that I do not like cleaning, but I like to change out my mantra from time-to-time to keep my intention sharp and make sure the words don’t become faded on the mirror itself.

So I always use Branch Basics to wipe my mirror clean in between each mantra. I love it because it’s non-toxic, people and animal safe, and fragrance-free. They’re offering all my #selflovewithPaul fam 15% off a starter kit with code PAUL15 — so can practice your self love mirror work too without gunking up your mirror!

Tell me in the comments if you’ve done this or feel drawn to do it!

This post is sponsored by Branch Basics – learn more about them here

As always, it is not a cute look to write things that are not my own opinion… and you know I am always cute.



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