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Later Means Never

So, earlier today I was checking my email and a message from myself popped into my inbox and I FREAKED OUT. Like, literally had a panic attack moment. You see, 165 people who registered for my Live the Life of Your Dreams Masterclass literally just received an email template that I told myself I would take care of later. In other words a blank email without any useful information in it.

Yes, I spiraled out of control. Yes, I might have cried in my car. Yes, my heart was beating out of my chest but you know what… I rolled with the punches and took it as a teaching moment. I decided that I would take this opportunity to humanize myself, because, let’s be real, the internet is a weird place where us humans are expected to be perfect and when we aren’t, ooooooh the masses rejoice and come for us! Can you relate? Let me know in the comments!

There I was, hands shaking, because, well, as a human I do NOT enjoy looking like a fool… and I was straight up looking like a fool up on the internets. The emails started pouring in, some nice, some not so nice, pointing out my mistake and pointing out that I was a casual failure because I messed up. Then I took a deep breath and realized that it was time to own my mistake and run with it. Just like the mistake I made when I limited myself to the belief that I had to be perfect for the first 25 years of my life.

Fuck perfect.

I spent a long time trying to be someone else’s version of perfect and you know where that got me? Overweight, in debt, ashamed of who I was and most importantly a sad, sad human. All because I was trying to be something that I thought others wanted me to be. Can. You. Relate?! Please let me know that I am not alone in this one people!

It’s like that time I tried to convince myself that a cleaning product would make me want to clean. Yes, Branch Basics is literally God’s gift to everyone who wants a safe, non-toxic cleaning supply option that actually works, but it wasn’t the reason I started liking to clean mirrors. I started liking to clean mirrors because I wanted to see the person staring back at me. Like, really, truly, see the person that I was. Not this facade of a boy who pretended that he was ok inside.

Have you tried it yet? No, not Branch Basics, although you can use code PAUL15 for 15% off your starter kit (run, don’t walk people… also get the Oxygen Boost). Have you tried looking at yourself in a squeaky clean mirror and saying these words to yourself?

I give myself permission to be ok with where I am

I honor the journey and know I am doing my best

I love and accept you, I love and accept you, I love and accept you

Paul’s Self Love Mirror Mantra

*Download your free printout of this mantra to hang on your mirror here*

I’ll do it later

But back to my mess being my message. I dropped the ball on a task that I kept pushing back. Casually have no recollection of my why I pushed it back in the first place, real talk it was probably me being lazy! Hi, human over here! Regardless I forgot about it until the moment passed and there I was… I’m not going to relive me crying in the car again, ok? I mean, I kind of just did. Moving on!

Part of me is too scared to admit that my fear of success might be holding me back. Another part of me thinks that’s a cop out and I just forgot because I was too busy being busy. Argh, the human condition? Am I right?

Let me ask you this. Is there something that you are putting off that you seriously know that you want to do? Is there something you’ve been scared to do? Is there something that your mind is telling you that you aren’t worthy of?

Now’s your moment to figure out: What’s the worst that could happen? Truly!

Write it down. Let me know.

The worst that could happen for me happened: crying in my car and looking like a fool. That’s it, nothing that I can’t get over. I’ll probably forget it by next week! What are we even talking about?

Love you the most. And not that internet kind of love, I truly mean it. Maybe I need to get that in check since I cried about an email that I messed up… hmmmm.

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As always, it is not a cute look to write things that are not my own opinion… and you know I am always cute.



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