Join Paul Fishman for a 12 Day Audio Journey that will keep you centered and stress-free this holiday season.

This soothing audio experience will give you the tools to stay grounded within yourself during a time when most of us sacrifice our own needs for others.


Does the holiday season stress you out or do you feel like you lose yourself between the parties, presents and family gatherings?

The 12 Days of Self Love Audio Journey is the perfect addition to your holiday self gift list.

And at only $24.99 it's an affordable gift that you can give to yourself without feeling guilty or breaking the bank!

sign me up!

sign me up!

Starting on December 13th, you'll receive a new audio file delivered straight to your phone focused on a different pillar of self-love.

This journey will help you stay stress-free and centered during the 12 days before Christmas.

You'll also receive a daily journaling prompt and a bonus guided meditation to ease your mind during the anxiety of the holiday season.

i'm in!

I'm In!

the 12 days of self love

Day 1: Self Discovery
Day 2: Self Awareness
Day 3: Self Acceptance
Day 4: Self Compassion
Day 5: Self Forgiveness
Day 6: Self Belonging
Day 7: Self Trust
Day 8: Self Responsibility
Day 9: Self Expression
Day 10: Self Soothing
Day 11: Self Love
Day 12: Self Celebration


How will i listen to the audio journey?

The 12 Days of Self Love Audio Journey will be delivered via your favorite podcast app straight to your phone. Once you purchase access to the journey you will receive an email with a special link that will help you subscribe to the journey.

Do I have to complete the journey in december?

While the journey is slightly focused on the holiday season the tools and techniques are applicable to your entire life. You will have access to the journey for the lifetime of the product.

do i need anything special to participate?

Just a phone and the willingness to spend 15-30 minutes a day listening to the audio files.

How long are the audio files?

The Files range between 10-30 minutes depending on the day. 

will there be additional support with the experience?

At this time this is a stand alone audio experience without any additional support. 

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